First go at a bit of rural terrain for my 28mm Sengoku Jidai project. A stand of bamboo.

This is made from the usual cheap plastic bamboo from China. The plastic bamboo was soaked in a shallow tub with a mix of green paint and PVA. When this was dry, the trunks were given a darker wash, and the leaves a light green drybrush, to give a bit of contrast. A 2mm mdf base was coated with glue and sand, and given a going over with 4mm static grass through an applicator. Then it was a case of drilling holes and gluing in the bamboo. Some other plastic plants, a few railway scenery ‘branches’ and clump foliage filled in the base.

This was quite time-consuming, mainly due to all the drying times needed. So it might be a while before I do any more…..


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