Linking figures to cards for Test of Honour

One of the issues with test of Honour, or any other game where each figure has a card to record its abilities, is working out a way to connect the figure on the tabletop to that card. This is especially true with Test of Honour for me as I use any cards for any figures. So the card may be a warrior monk or onna-bugeisha, but the figure using those stats may be a bandit or ashigaru. I initially used numbers on the bases, but this got too fiddly having to check the figure’s number. So I decided to take photos instead.

Take individual photos of your figures. Resize the photos to around 40mm x 60mm. Get some 43mm x 65mm boardgame card sleeves. Put the photos in the sleeves, and these photos will sit over the Test of Honour cards.

^Photos of figures, put into small boardgame sleeves.

^Photos put over ToH cards for easy recognition.


4 thoughts on “Linking figures to cards for Test of Honour”

  1. Good call. When I’ve played at a local club I’ve found this identification challenge to be very real. I run a lot of games and take it as a personal challenge that players are not sitting around trying to remember which figures they control are which. Really negatively affects games, so I applaud what you’ve done here.

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