Bakumatsu, Samurai

The Aburanokōji Incident

A Test of Honour game The Shinsengumi was a police force raised by the Tokugawa in the dying days of the Shogunate to police Kyoto for anti-Bakufu extremists. The core of the unit was a group of swordsmen from a kenjutsu school owned by the Shinsengumi's leader, Kondō Isami. The Shinsengumi sprang to prominence when… Continue reading The Aburanokōji Incident


Boshin War with Combat Patrol

The Boshin War period was one I initially got into primarily because I wanted to play the Combat Patrol rules, and I'm not the biggest fan of platoon-level WW2. So, after a few weeks, we finally got around to trying it out. The action was a pretty straightforward one, basically being the usual unimaginative 'meeting… Continue reading Boshin War with Combat Patrol