6mm, Medieval

Bloody Barons

The new iteration of Peter Pig's Wars of the Roses rules, 'Bloody Barons' is now available. It is, however, completely different to the previous version. It is an entirely new game with virtually nothing in common with its predecessor. For a start, the game is played on a 4x4 grid, similar to Phil Sabin's Lost… Continue reading Bloody Barons


Beginning a 6mm Wars of the Roses Project

A few years ago I began a Wars of the Roses project in 28mm. While I'd intended it to be an open-ended project, progress was slow and eventually stalled completely. Recently, I decided to revisit the period in a more manageable scale. I am intending to use the Perfect Captain's "A Coat of Steel" rules,… Continue reading Beginning a 6mm Wars of the Roses Project